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We are a quality manufacturer of KNISHES, RUGELACH & BLINTZES

Papa’s Food Specialties

Manufacturer Of Wholesale Knishes, Rugelach, And Blintzes

Papa’s Food Specialties is the proud manufacturer of delicious wholesale knishes, rugelach, and blintzes. Papa’s Food Specialties is a family owned business that continues in the tradition of delivering high quality products made from only the freshest and best ingredients available. We sell our wholesale knishes, rugelach, and blintzes to delis, caterers, cafeterias, restaurants, ball stadiums, and other food service industries. If you are searching for some tasty additions to your menus, we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for!

Wholesale Knishes

Our wholesale knishes are made from all natural ingredients, including the finest vegetables, farm fresh eggs, and Idaho potatoes! No chemicals, no trans-fats, and no additives. Our wholesome knishes are available in two sizes, our 7 oz. deli size and our mini-cocktail 1.2 oz. size. We offer a variety of savory flavors, including potato, spinach, broccoli, vegetable, kasha, mushroom, and sweet potato. Knishes are shipped frozen, and are available baked or unbaked.

Wholesale Rugelach

Our wholesale rugelach is a sweet treat that will be a hit with customers! As always, rugelach is made with real butter, fine chocolate, pure cream cheese, freshly ground cinnamon, and natural fruit fillings. The rugelach is available in several delicious variations, including raspberry, chocolate, apricot, honey pecan, and cinnamon raisin. Rugelach arrives baked or unbaked in the traditional square cut shape.

Wholesale Blintzes

Our wholesale blintzes are a wonderful delicacy made from a crepe that is filled and rolled up with a variety of fruit fillings. Like our other wholesale offerings, our blintzes are made only with fresh and natural ingredients, no additives and no preservatives. Blintzes are available in our 3 oz. deli size and come filled with flavor options including traditional cheese, blueberry cheese, and cherry cheese. These wholesale blintzes can be baked or pan fried, and topped with all kinds of different items such as applesauce, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and more.

Only The Freshest Ingredents Are Used In Our Knishes, Rugelach, and Blintzes

Papa’s Food Specialties prides ourselves in our wholesale knishes, rugelach, and blintzes. We only use fresh, natural ingredients and that makes our products absolutely delectable, wholesome and rather remarkable. Our wholesale products ship to delis, restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service establishments throughout the country. Since 1978, we have been proudly creating our varieties of knishes, rugelach, and blintzes in our Maryland production facility. For more information on how to become a distributor or broker please contact David Model at (301) 340-2800 or you may e-mail us at

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